Perhaps the greatest compliment of my adult life

I was walking in down Germantown Road in Philly. I was on a photo safari while I was waiting for Basilios. A man walked behind me for a couple of blocks, whistling a tune. Then, slowly, he passed me. He said "Hello." I replied. Then he started to cross the street. Just before stepping out he turned to me and said, "Miss. Whoever he is, you tell him I'm jealous."

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Tara said...

That is the most understated wonderful compliment ever!

Rae said...

Makes you wanna sing about the goodness of men, right Boo. ;)

Boo said...

Oh hell, Rae. What is wrong with you? When are you ever gonna learn? Let me tell you something sweetie... besides the fact that Steph is truly an amazing women and people would have to be blind not to see that, he probably had a motive, aka get with Steph. Aghh!!! Men, are so disgusting. I have not known one man to give a sincere compliment without eventually expecting something in return and that something is usually booty. The sooner you get that through your gorgeous head the less drama you will have. See how drama-free my life is. Its wonderful!!!

Rae said...

Whatever the motive he was kind enough to compliment and walk away. Meaning that regardless of the fantasy that we know was running through his head(due to the fact of the aforementioned amazing-ness of Steph) he did something that would boost her self esteem and left it at that. That smacks of "goodness". :)

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