Sailing the Sea of Love

Previously I explored the question of why people pretend they don't love or care for another when they really do. An example of someone who has done this is Lucy Honeychurch, the main character in the movie, A Room With a View. Her love interest, George Emerson is one of my favorite male characters, next to Rhett Butler, in Gone With the Wind, George Bailey in, It's a Wonderful Life, and Noah Calhoun in The Notebook.
I never thought I would meet a man like Noah Calhoun but last Saturday I think I came close.
Saturday Beth, Kate and I decided to take advantage of the Boston Sailing Center's free sailing lessons. In addition to meeting three really fun guys, Mark, Paul and Rob, I met George. George, shown in the photo on the left, was perfect. Like Noah, he appreciated beautiful music. Classical music (Handel to be exact) drifted up from the cabin as we navigated Boston's harbour. The music with the lapping of the water was hypnotic.
Although the wind was chilly, the sky was a clear blue. The sun was bright reflecting off the water causing us to squint.
May in Boston, is not like May in Washington. Waiting in line I quickly became very cold. Mark, kindly wrapped his royal blue Patagonia fleece around me for warmth. Looking back I am not sure this was a good thing because later George offered Beth his jacket, stored in the cabin, so she could stay warm. See what a gentleman he is? :)
Since these were sailing lessons, everyone was expected to assist George with the sails and navigation. Thankfully, Mark, Paul and Rob did all the tying and pulling while I steered the craft. Like most things, it took me awhile to get used to the logistics of sailing. George would often put his hand near mine on the rudder to help me guide the craft. At one point I confessed I pretended to be confused because I wanted him to hold my hand. In response, he put his hand over mine but only for a brief moment.
George reminded me of Noah in other ways. For instance, George dresses exactly the way I imagine Noah Calhoun would dress; khakis, a rugby shirt, with a gray pull-over wool sweater. The loafers and the matching baseball cap provided the perfect finishing touches to the most inviting ensemble I have ever beheld. Looking at him, I had this overwhelming urge to get lost beneath a big, fluffy goose down comforter with him forever. Instead I had to settle with this photo.
In the course of our journey, I never once heard George curse. Do you know how attractive that is? Every man I know, with the exception of my father, curses. Most men my age do it quite often. Not only is it offensive its unnecessary. It is a habit I have adopted over the past year, but am trying to quash. George never became impatient and always complinted each participant, when they did something well, with, "beauty." Jason Bowman used to say that.
George also took each of our hands as we entered and exited the boat. I love it when a man does that. So nice.
Finally the last thing that impressed me about this man, who I will probably never see again, is he quickly rushed to help another crew that was coming in, when he easily could have stood by and watched as they struggled to dock their boat. I love men who are quick to be anxiously engaged.
The one hope I hang on to in regards to George, is his job as a defense contractor often brings him to Washington. Although DC is a big place, I'd like to think if fate brought us together once, it can happen again. Haven't you ever seen Serendipity?

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