Just my luck

See how the people in this photo look fake and clueless? Remember that when you're thinking about seeing Just My Luck. It's officially DUMBER than Firewall. And that's saying something.

The basic plot--if you can call it that--of this movie is that when you kiss you get lucky. Girl is lucky. She kisses boy. He's lucky. She kisses him again. She gets lucked in return. She feels guilty about the lucking and returns the favor to the boy. Then they both give up and luck another person. Credits roll.

Amber and I start to laugh because we are so happy that we only paid $5 to see this movie.

I do have to say this. The movie did have one high point. It never, ever altered from EXACTLY what I thought was going to happen next. The effect is that you feel pretty smart for being able to predict the next joke down to the camera angle.

And then you realize that you don't have a degree. That you're steeped in pop culture to the point of being able to do the aforementioned and you begin to weep without regard for those around you.

Later, after they have talked you down and put you in the calming, soft, white room you begin to understand that life really does have purpose and you'll be ok. Soon they let you go and you can rebuild your life.

So, please. Don't go. Just stop now. Listen to me! I know! I've been there!

It's not pretty.

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