Oh, Mardi Gras. How I miss thee.

Amber and I had the best time together at Mardi Gras. I can't begin to tell you how fun. We're totally going back next year! We spent most of the time in Mobile, Alabama at their celebrations. Which were AMAZING! The first night, however, was spent in Ocean Springs. What a cute city! I loved Amber's condo and I can't believe that I don't go there EVERY DAY to visit her.

We did spend one day at Bellingrath Gardens which was preceded by the best donuts second only to Spudnuts in Richland, Washington. The gardens were awesome. I think anyone who goes to Biloxi to visit her should take a gander. Here are some shots from our time there.

The parades were, by far, my favorite part of things. They're so much fun! I had no idea one could get so worked up over beads--but you can. Amber and I ended up going to several though not nearly as many as we will in 2010. Our pile of booty looked like this when we were done...

We also had oysters together--and yum!

It's just so fantastic to have time with Boo doing the fun things we enjoy. But next year is going to be even better. I'm pretty sure we're going to rent and RV and just stay right in Mobile. We'll see. But reserve your seat now!!

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Boo said...

I love Mardi Gras and I love you! I love your pictures and I love this post! I can't wait for next year. I just hope I am still here but no matter where life takes us, we'll always have beads, oysters and the beach!

Sherpa said...

I am so there.

Sherpa said...

Steph-your photos are great by the way. Love them!

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