On the First Day of My Demob...

I helped Dad hang the Seabee flag I bought for him at the Air Force base in Pensacola, Florida. It looks so nice floating beneath the Stars and Stripes.
I played with the cats in the backyard. A row of irises blooms every spring along the left-side of the fence. They are so lovely, I wish a row grew on the opposite side as well.
Laying down in the grass, Mary decided to take advantage of the situation by laying on my tummy. This is a close-up photo of our model cat.

Following a cat nap Dad and I assembled our new hammock, which sleeps two. We have agreed that the best location for our new acquisition is on my back stoop, which is perfect for laying out because there is little shade and plenty of privacy. One of my number one priorities this month is trying to erase the horrible tan lines I have incurred over
the past six weeks or so. I currently have a white "v" on my chest where my lanier rests around my neck. Sound sexy? Didn't think so. This is why I will be spending mucho time in this king-size hammock. Jealous? Don't be. Just join me.

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