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Last Friday, while beating feet in downtown Washington, I decided to escape the heat by touring the National Aquarium located in the basement of the Department of Commerce building across from Federal Triangle. Much to my dismay drinks are not allowed in and cannot be purchased once inside. There is also a nine dollar entry fee to tour the aquarium, a collection of tanks arranged in a horse-shoe pattern.
While wondering the u-shaped aquarium corridor questions flooded my mind, such as, "this is our NATIONAL aquarium?" "Would it be more effective to combine the aquarium with the National Zoo?" "Why is it located in the basement of the Department of Commerce?" "Wouldn't a more effective use of this space be for storage or offices?"
Perhaps these are silly questions. I am positive I am not the first, and definitely will not be the last individual to question the location of the aquarium or its status as our NATIONAL Aquarium. Despite its size or content, if you're on the Mall and need a break from the sun check out the National Aquarium. The lines are a fraction of those for the museums and if you don't mind parting with nine dollars you can witness rats being fed to baby alligators, before walking away with that philanthropic feeling of I did something good today. I know I did.

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tara said...

It's absolutely terrible! They should just change the Baltimore Aquarium to the National one. Then we'd have something to be proud of!

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