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Two-story, double-galleried, variation of a Katrina Cottage with an asphalt shingle, gable-on-hip roof and Hardy Plank cladding. We spotted this pre-fabricated home on our return trip to Biloxi this afternoon just north of Gulfport on US Highway 49. I snapped this photo with my Blackberry.
Despite differing opinions of the populace, not a soul can argue the presence of Katrina Cottages have failed to significantly influence the built environment post-Katrina, shaping the future of the Mississippi Gulf Coast in ways that can and will only be measured years hence. It will be interesting to see if this two-story variation will be as popular or unpopular as its one-story predecessor.

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Steve Mouzon said...

Thanks for posting this! I hadn't seen this one, although I'm in Gulfport often. I'll look for it next time.
~Steve Mouzon

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