Pizza Paradise

Late last night I returned from a weekend trip to Washington that would have been impossible without the kindness of my Uncle Jerry. Saturday, as we were walking back from Georgetown we passed Pizza Paradiso's new location on P Street. Per Jerry's recommendation I decided to grab dinner there later that evening. I was not disappointed. The place was packed, always a good sign, and the food was excellent. I snagged a seat at the bar overlooking the large ovens in the rear where pizza "chefs" sported t-shirts with 'Eat Your Pizza' printed across the back. I couldn't decide if the phrase was intended as a command or encouragement. Either way, I obeyed and did just that. The only thing left on my plate were the fresh tomatoes I picked off my pizza.
Sooooo...should you find yourself in Washington, pounding pavement in Dupont or Georgetown, with a craving for pizza look no further than Pizza Paradiso. Like Papaleno's, its pizza paradise.

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