Birthday Flowers & Birthday Showers

While the northeast is experiencing a heat wave, the Gulf Coast has been enduring winds and rain from tropical storm Alex. From Wednesday, June 30th to present we have had heavy rains daily. Although the forecast predicts the rain will end this weekend, I am not convinced.
I received a phone call at work Thursday afternoon from the OC saying I had flowers waiting for me at home. I could hardly wait to see them. Walking through the door after a long day at the office and seeing the colorful arrangement of cheery (sounds cheezy but its the only adjective I could think of) flowers was a welcome sight. Thanks Daddy! I love you!
Saturday, I received another beautiful bouquet from Steph and Rae Rae. After sleeping in Saturday morning I got another phone call from the Flower Basket (they delivered my first arrangement) saying they had a delivery for me downstairs. I rushed to meet them (I love getting flowers) and was surprised when the florist handed me this lovely arrangement complete with three Happy Birthday balloons. Thank you Steph and Baby Rae for thinking of me. If my birthday is any indication of how the rest of the year will be, I will welcome it with open arms.

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