No Bull

This cow, which is an oversized lawn ornament, was so cute I had to get a photo. I love how the proud owners have taken pains to landscape around the guy, and believe me, it is a dude.
It reminds me of the large bull we used to pass on Highway 25 every time we traveled to and from Richmond. Since graduating from high school Croucher's farm has been carved up and the bull removed from his lofty perch. Although the bull of my youth was not as cute as the one pictured above, I will never forget how I always looked forward to seeing what color the Croucher family had decided to paint the bull's balls. Most of the time they were just pink but sometimes they would be something funky like blue or orange. No matter their color I miss seeing that bull, balls and all, as I traveled from Richmond to Berea and back. Some things may improve with time, but the drive on US 25 from Berea to Richmond will never be the same sans the bull of Croucher's farm.

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