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Today I received confirmation I have officially paid off ONE of my student loans!!!! Although I still owe way more than I care to think about, but constantly do anyway, I am excited to have this over $13k loan paid off. I have been making significant payments on this loan since August 2008 and am so relieved, I'm done. Now I can focus on the remaining amount. If all goes as planned, I hope to have another loan paid off by May.
Sharing this may seem trivial, but to me they are HUGE. I hate being in debt. I hate feeling obligated financially to anything or anyone. My goal is to rid myself of this burden as quickly as I possibly can. Since completing my graduate studies, paying off my student loans has been a top priority. I long for the day when I can make decisions free of financial worry or obligation. I yearn for a time when I can focus my energies on buying a home and a new car or investing in a small business such as a bee and berry farm. Until that day, I will be marking time and paying dimes to free myself of that ball-and-chain known as student loans.

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Kate said...

Congtatulations, Amber! That's awesome!

lisapants said...

Wahoo! We're trying to pay off debts, too, and sometimes it seems like it's never going to happen. Congratulations on this accomplishment and good luck on your plan for the future!

Desiree' said...

Congrats!!! That IS a huge accomplishment. I hate looming debt as well. Good luck getting the rest paid off quickly. Good for you!

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