My Little Bit

Little Bit came to the Cat Farm through Josh and Lauren after they discovered her at their house. When she came into our family she was a tiny, undernourished baby with hair missing on the tip of her tail. Although she loved Mary and Zu from the start, it was evident they didn't return the sentiment especially, when Little Bit was constantly trying to attack or play with them. It was also clear they didn't appreciate Little Bit standing in the food bowl while they were trying to eat and boy, does she eat.
Since her arrival Little Bit has transformed into a healthy, confident kitten who loves to play and snuggle with Mary and Zu (who have since accepted her despite her lack of bowl-side manners). Little Bit loves people and is absolutely fearless, something I marvel at because of her size. I have become so protective of her, often carrying her while walking Neville so she does not get left behind. I also love how I can call her name and watch as she runs towards me and jumps into my outstretched arms, purring so loud it resembles a tiny motor.
Little Bit loves climbing trees, which she is very good at, and playing with Mary and Zu's latest kills. She is also becoming fast friends with Neville, who licks her face generously whenever she allows it.
She may be small in size but she is all heart and she has mine.

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