Grand Daddy

Not only is he a great father he is a terrific Grandfather. I'm sure there will be many more but I love this picture for several reasons. This picture was taken after I had tried to comfort Jett, who was only fussy because he was hungry. As soon as I picked him up Dad was insistent I hand him over so he could hold him. I have to admit I was a little surprised. It was my last evening with Jett and I assumed I would have preference. Dad is so good with him though. I can already tell Jett loves him and there is no doubt the feeling is absolutely mutual.

Although I am not thrilled about being released from my current assignment, I am looking forward to spending time with my Dad and Baby Jett. It will be so nice taking Neville for walks each day, hanging out with Mary, Zu and Little Bit, planting the garden, and feeding the catfish. I am also looking forward to hanging out with Joshie and Lauren.

Kentucky is such a beautiful state, rich in history and culture. I am fortunate to have such a beautiful home to return to. I am also grateful to have a father whose willing to welcome me home no matter what my circumstance.

I love you Dad!

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