For over a decade I have been searching for information regarding my cousins who are pictured in the photo above. They are my Uncle Danny's children. Unfortunately, Uncle Danny has been estranged from his ex-wife and children for over a decade and is mum when it comes to their personal information which is essential in locating them. I thought about posting these photos on Facebook to see if any of my LDS friends might recognize them but decided to try blogging first. This is the information I have, which is not much.

My Uncle Danny married Loisann Bierman in the Los Angeles Temple. Loisann was from the Los Angeles area. I have no idea how they met since Danny did not attend a church school or university and grew up in Georgia. They had six children. They are from oldest to youngest:

Kerry "Harrison" Elliott

Clairalyn Elliott

Jeremy Jason Elliott

Benjamin Elliott

Valerie Elliott

Sherilyn Elliott

It is rumored they may have changed their last names when their parents divorced. They may have adopted their mother's maiden name, Bierman, or taken the name of a step father. That remains unclear. It is also believed Loisann and the children resided in the Chattanooga, TN area during the mid-to-late 1990's. Despite my efforts I have discovered very little.

If anyone has any information regarding these individuals, my cousins, I would appreciate the opportunity to contact them and renew my relationship with them.

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