Six Weeks

Precious baby boy. You joined our family six weeks ago transforming lives and hearts the moment you entered our world. Everything about you is miraculous. Since I've been home we've spent a lot of time together. I have enjoyed every second, excluding yesterday when you spit up on my crotch and then urinated on my side giving me the look and smell of a hobo who walks around wearing black sweats with a huge white patch on the crotch, leaving all who see the bizarre location of this stain questioning how and why its located "there." No worries. I don't blame you. I'll blame your Dad. :)

Everything about you is getting bigger. Your hands and feet, your smiles, your legs and arms, and much to my dismay, your poop. Luckily, I have only changed one of your poopy diapers but, let me tell you son, one is enough. Please don't ever poop on my watch again.

Apart from the dirty diapers and spit up, you are an absolute delight. Your birth was like a catalyst resulting in a resurrection of life for our family. After three years of loss and, what seems continual grief, you have given us a reason to rejoice and, for that, I will always be grateful.

I love you little man. I have enjoyed spending this past month with you, watching you grow and develop. Your parents love you dearly and absolutely want the best for you in all things. Always remember that. Your Aunt Amber is the coolest member of the family outside of your parents. Always remember that too.

Heart and Soul-


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