After spending Easter weekend in West Virginia visiting family, Dad and I stopped by my Aunt Linda's house on our way home.

Ginger, Linda's daughter, lives close to her mother and dropped by so we could see Allison and Brian Parker. Allison is in pre-school and Brian Parker is nine months old. A year had passed since I had seen Allison and although she's grown, she's still the same sassy, classy girl I remembered.

We talked about everything from dinosaurs, to Disney princesses, to her three-story Barbie house (complete with an elevator), to art (which is her favorite subject in school) to future career ambitions, which currently include becoming an astronaut or vet, I think.

Last fall, Allison was a cheerleader and is very good at it. She is also a very good big sister who is surprisingly generous when it comes to sharing her toys with Parker. She also tells her brother she loves him often. Needless to say, Brian Parker is a very lucky little man.

Before leaving I decided to take a few photos of the adorable duo. This photo (below) is my favorite. Joshie and I had a red Radio Flyer wagon but it wasn't as fancy as Allison's. Instead of plastic ours was comprised of wood and metal. It definitely did not have a fold-up seats that offered back supports. Modern toys are nice but I prefer eighties vintage classics.
The idea of planning a family reunion was also discussed. In the last year, three baby boys have been added to the Kidd family, i.e. Brian Parker, Alec (pretty sure that's his name), and Jett. It's nice Jett will have so many cousins, close in age, to play with at family functions. Reunion or not, I look forward to the day when Jett, Allison and Parker can play together.

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