The Do-Wop Girls

KissesKisses Hosted on Zooomr

Here's why they love her. Notice that guy over her left shoulder? About 20 mins after this photo was taken he was sharing his life story and proposing.

Rae and her LoverRae and her Lover Hosted on Zooomr

So, we moved the blanket to break the thrall that Rae finds herself in when printed paper is around. And when we move up we end up sitting next to Skip. He's from NJ, down to see Steve McQueen on the BigScreen, has just lost his job....see how it goes?

Amber begins talking to anyone with an XY make up and Rae and I become the Do-Wop girls. We sit in the back offering funny (often sexual) do-wop obeservations and laughing with each other to add soundtrack to moment.

For instance, during the movie Steve hears from his love interest:

"What will happen to us now?"

And I stage whisper, "Sex. Sex. Sex."

Skip laughs and looks adoringly at Amber.

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