Myth, Memory & the Making of the American Landscape

The fifth sentance of page 123 in Shackel's Myth, Memory and the Making of the American Landscape reads, "Landscape freezing not only affects the decision making of the professionals involved in the management of the site, but also influences how they interepret the history of the site to the public.
The subsequent three lines state, "After the Battle of Antietam, the single bloodiest day of the Civil War, more than twenty-three thousand soldiers were dead, wounded, or missing. The battle began at dawn on September 17, 1862, and by the next day Confederate General Robert E. Lee withdrew his army back over the Potomac. Many historians see the Battle of Antietam as a major turning point in the war."
I am not tagging anyone. Sorry for breaking the blog chain but I don't know anyone outside our circle that blogs. Love you all.

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