How did I miss this?

This weekend BG and I discovered Arrested Development with the help of our dear friend Gwen! All I can say is--How in the world didn't I know about this show sooner?

I'm not great at keeping up on television trends in normal hours. Now if there was a change in the format of Talking Sex with Sue Johnson--look out my friends! I'd be running a campaign. So, really I'm not surprised that I missed it. I just feel denied the opportunity of seeing this amazing feat of comedy when the other 7 fans were watching it.

If you haven't seen the show and you enjoy dark, smart humor you MUST see it. We watched *mumbled* episodes the other night and it still wasn't enough!

End rave here.

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Sherpa said...

Because you didn't read my blog the whole time it was on?


Sherpa, one of the 7 fans.

Boo said...

Did you know Beth watched this show too? We have the coolest friends ever.

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