A Perfect Evening

Although Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth was released months ago, Jerry and I were not able to see it until last night. It was well worth the wait. It was so much fun discussing the film's contents afterwards because Jerry is so passionate about the environment.
In the film, Al Gore basically gives a slide show presentation. He has been giving this presentation for over twenty years. My uncle saw this presentation in the '80's while working at EPA's regional office in San Francisco. It inspired him to make changes then that have impacted his actions since.
Jerry crossed paths with Al Gore again a decade later. Jerry was living in Arlington with my Aunt Nancy and was invited to the VP's home for a reception. Someone snapped a photo of Jerry with VP Gore during the party, which he proudly displays in his living room today. I used to look at the photo daily when I lived with him. Seeing it inspired me to do something more; to create positive change in my own profession.
I decided to post the movie trailer below for those interested in seeing the film. It is a MUST SEE for everyone. Exiting the theatre I couldn't imagine how any intelligent individual could deny the existence of global warming when the scientific evidence is so obvious.
After An Inconvenient Truth, Jerry and I went to Zaytinya's for a late dinner. Zaytinya's is a tapais restaurant, directly across from MLK library, that serves mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. Like An Inconvenient Truth, its a MUST. The decor, the energy, the food, was fantastic.
While a student at BYU, the closest relatives I had were over two-thousand miles away. Its so nice having a family member minutes away. I can discuss things with him that I can't with anyone else because he knows and understands in ways no one else can. I respect his opinion and regard his advice as much, and sometimes, more, than my own father.
At the end of the evening, Jerry asked, "So, Amber. Are you ready to save the world?" I can't help but wonder if that's a question he asks himself everyday. He doesn't know but he has definitely saved mine a few times. Thanks Jerry for a perfect evening.

An Inconvenient Truth - Trailer

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