There was a sign tonight in the third row which read, "T-Shirt: $40, Tickets: $130, Dr. E. Live! PRICELESS!!!!" and that's exactly how I feel.

I don't know to describe properly the effect that this woman has on me. It's amazing. Tonight BG and I sat in the 14th row of constitution hall, near the center of the venue. It's an awesome venue to begin but these seats were phenom! At 8 Melissa came out and she finally left the stage at 11. She sang everything I wanted to hear--well, let's face it. She could start a concert and sing straight through the albums and I'd still not have enough of her! But tonight was fantastic! I heard Chrome Plate Heart for the first time live. And Bring Me Some Water. And all the hits were there.

And she's so beautiful. When she sings she's intense and alluring in a way that I've never seen before or since. Standing on the stage she's at ease and the audience gets to see reflections of her deepest being. She's sexy. She's iconic. Mostly, she's totally herself. Without apology or dilution. And that inspires me.

The encore nearly did me in. She sang Like The Way I Do and All The Way To Heaven. I nearly cried.

It's not just a concert. It's more like therapy. The energy of the crowd is positive. Melissa shares great messages. The music wraps around your soul in a comforting embrace. It's, as a whole, the most fantastic way to spend an evening. I was telling BG that, to me, Melissa feels like an old friend. She's been there in so many private moments of despair and exaltation that I can't regard her as anything less. And thus, I am a fan in the true sense of the "fanatic."

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