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Friday night, as Kim and I were helping Steph load her car, I had a brief conversation with Steph's dad about blessings. Brother Harbour is constantly teasing me about speaking in church, something I have not done since I moved from Georgia. I declined the invitation to speak with a promise I would do it in January. He smiled and agreed that would be fine.
The subject of our conversation, however, is something that I ponder quiet a bit. Although I gripe a lot about the sad state of the world and its injustice I know I have so much to be grateful for.
My first Thanksgiving as a missionary, Sister Winwood (the mission president's wife) taught, "Gratitude is a mark of greatness." I have always tried to remember that.
One of the greatest blessings I've enjoyed since moving to DC is Steph's friendship. She often jokes our friendship was born in a bathroom, and so it was. I can still remember that first December day we spent together. She offered me a ride to Langley and picked me up at West Falls Church. A trend that would continue for thirteen months of our friendship. Although she told me she would arrive in a suburban I was surprised when she came barreling through the lanes of the Kiss and Ride. As I opened the door I kept thinking to myself, "Dear Lord, what have I done and what kind of people live here?" On the flip-side she probably thought I was a weirdo in my Garbo black hat and my bathroom stage fright.
Steph put me at ease almost immediately. She struck me as one of the most "real" people I had ever met and that appealed to me.
In the twenty-two months we've been friends we've endured so much together. Failed relationships, triumphs, disappointments, three moves, loss of friends, disagreements and so much more. She is my Ya Ya sister to the end.
We both kid that we were broken when we met and that's true. Looking back I can't believe how far we've both come. I could have never made it through five semesters without you. You kept me sane and helped me trust when I felt like all was lost.
I often tell you I have never had a friend like you. One who calls me just because she feels like it and not because she has a reason. It wasn't until I met you that I was able to do the same and, at times, I still struggle with that.
You showed me what it means to be fearless. You make a decision about love and you go for it, trusting and risking all. Although I could never do that, I stand in awe each time you do.
I have learned so much about relationships and myself because of our friendship and know I will learn so much more in the years to come. Thanks for all you've shared with me.
The photo above was taken during our last adventure together, (sorry Steph, but a trip to Wal-Mart does not an adventure make). We decided to travel up to Skyline Drive to see all the pretty fall leaves. Taking Rae, Kim and Hugh with us we all piled into Kim's suv for the trip.
Rae took this photo as we were posing for another. Good job Rae Rae.
I decided to use this photo of us because, let's face it, my hair looks amazing (thank you Manuel) and it is one of the few photos Steph and I have taken together that has actually turned out. We are horrible at self-portraits despite all our practice and we still have not managed to take one we both like. However, this photo will do until we have another adventure and can try again.
Although she is en route to Montana and I am in DC the Adventures of Bond Girl and Iron Bladder will never end. In fact, it's only the beginning.

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Jeremy said...

Amber, I was just watching seinfeld and it dawned on me. You are totally ELANE. You have her attitude. And I bought an Indiana Jones hat because I can, so yeah!

Boo said...

You spelled Elaine wrong genius. Dr Jones would never do something so foolish.

Jeremy said...

How do you know DR Jones would not make such an error? People always make mistakes in informal communication. So how are you these days? It's a sad day now that steph is gone. It's almost as if everything is changing and that makes me sad. Giddy up!

Stephanie said...

Remember how I hate all pictures of me? But I love you! And of course we're just beginning! We're, like, totally young!

Drive blogs are upcoming!

Boo said...

So when am I going to see this hat of yours? Back the your original comparison. I could never be Elaine. I am not "one of the guys." In addition, I have not had sex with any of my guy friends nor do I have sex on a regular basis, like Elaine.
As for how I'm doing... First of all, your inquiry is sweet. I am fine. School is pretty crazy right now but if I can make it through this semester life will be really nice next semester.
I miss Steph like crazy but I'll just have to visit MT more frequently now than before. Maybe I'll move back west myself. Who knows?
How about you, cowboy? What's new with you?

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