So Long Jack

I've never been a huge fan of westerns but I love Billy Crystal's 1990's spoof on the genre. From Norman, the calf, to Curly, the hardass cowboy, City Slickers is a classic. Incidently Palance won an Oscar for his role as Curly.
This afternoon CNN posted Jack had moseyed on to that big ranch in the sky. Although I am not familiar with a lot of his movies, I am going to miss ol' Jack. In my opinion Tinsel Town could use more actors of his calibar and character.
Witnessing the celebrities our parents grew up with pass away is a sad reminder, by extension, they are getting older too. Soon, our generation will be where our parents are now and so on and so forth. long Jack. Thanks for the memories and the laughs. As long as I'm watching City Slickers you will not be forgotten.

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