It's Everywhere Actually

I fell in love with Love Actually almost one year ago. Steph and Rina Bean introduced the movie to me and I instantly fell in love with the perv Rock Star, the hot office mate, and Hugh Grant's dance scene, to the Pointer Sisters, no less, a childhood favorite of mine.
In addition I totally relate to Natalie whose ex told her she had tree trunks for legs and a rather large "ass." Well genius look who ended up with the Prime Minister. Wish all girls with hamhock legs and junk in their trunk could say the same.
Rae and I watched it Thanksgiving night and then Kate was playing the soundtrack tonight in her car. I knew I needed to share. Enjoy!!

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Rae said...

There is just something about Hugh's dancing that just makes a girl all Giggly! Lol! Thanks again for playing tonight Boo...Next week I will try not to talk during House so we don't have to continually rewind it! :)

erinannie said...

Truly one of the best 2 minutes in cinematic history.

Tara said...

this movie has definitely been on my mind lately.. arriving and departing at heathrow airport last week, i could almost hear the hugh grant voice overs. the movie is near perfection.

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