The Perfect Man for Me

Last night before Stephanie's farewell party, I decided to check my mail for the first time this week. Since moving to Halstead I check my mail once or twice a week. I have two reasons for doing so. 1: I usually do not receive letters from friends or family and 2. It takes me over ten minutes to get to my mailbox and back. A little inconvenient if I do say so myself.
However, last night, to my surprise I found a card from Rina Bean. She is the sweetest little sister or "blister," as Steph lovingly refers to her, anyone could have.
Inside the card was a picture of Channing Tatum. You may recognize him as the lead in Step Up and She's the Man. The card read, "Hey, Sabes- I found your man. :) Unfold the magazine article and look for the highlighted part. I found it one night at work. :) Love Sarina"
The magazine article had a short interview transcription beside Tatum's photo. After reading the series of questions and answers I finally reached the highlighted portion of the interview.
In purple it read, "Case in point: Your favorite movie is The Goonies." Channing's response, "I can recite every line. "Down here, it's our time!"
What can I say? Great minds think alike. Wish I could add great bodies think alike also but I don't think it would be appropriate. For those interested in seeing more of Channing's gorgeous body I suggest a google image search. There is one of him standing in a pond with nothing but a hat and boots on. It's pretty incredible. The amount of abs shots on this guy are endless. Good to know camera film is being put to good use on a southern man (Alabama) like Tatum.
Anyway, thanks Sabes for thinking of me. I love you and think its sweet that you would even pair me with a hunk like Channing.

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