My Kid Brother

I was only a little over two years old when you were born in Ogden on Thanksgiving day. Mom and Dad still love to tell the story about your birth. Mom was so worried about the turkey she took me and the bird over to the Godfrey's house on their way to the hospital. Unlike me, you were anxious to come into this world. You had mom's blonde hair and hazel eyes. Uncle Jerry still loves to talk about your egg head. Thank goodness it didn't stay that way.
I loved you from the beginning and was glad to help mom take care of bubby. Aunt Nancy's favorite story is when I managed to get you out of your crib, when you were crying and carry you down the hall, past the bathroom door, where Mom and Aunt Nancy spotted me carrying you like a football under my arm.
Everyone bragged that we were the best children and were amazed that we got along so well. Naturally this didn't last but I still remember how close we were back then.
When Mom and Dad our relationship was the only thing that was consistent. No matter what happened nothing could change the fact that you were my brother and I was your sister. We were in it together. Life wasn't easy for us. Dad was always gone and Mom was working nights and finishing nursing school. We had babysitter after babysitter who didn't give a rat's ass what we were doing. We fought a lot. You thought I was bossy. I was trying to help you out and keep you from getting into trouble. I thought you were lazy. You thought I was uptight. Through it all we still remained close.
Then I went away to BYU and you moved to Georgia. This was the first time we were ever apart and it was just as hard on me as it was for you. Dad says you often felt like I abandoned you but if I could have, I would have taken you with me. I worried and prayed for you constantly and still do.
You changed so much in Georgia. Church was no longer an interest for you. You traded in Petula Clark for NIN and other music I don't care for. You rebeled and worried Dad constantly. When you graduated from high school we all felt we'd witnessed a miracle.
After graduation and a slew of bad relationships, nice to know even you have them, you met Lauren. Although she didn't seem like your type, i.e. long, blonde hair, model-thin, younger, etc. she was good for you. It has been interesting watching your relationship with her grow. Seeing my influence on you decrease as hers increases.
Although we often tease you are the most selfish member of our family, I have watched in awe as you have offered Lauren selfless love. The transformation love can have on a person is incredible. Over the last four years, I have often felt our relationship change. Now you confide in Lauren. Instead of sharing things with me, she often speaks to me on your behalf. I love Lauren and its fun to have a sister I just don't want to loose my brother in the change.
Since your diagnoses we have often worried the implications it would have on your relationship and your future. It has been such a blessing seeing Lauren remain by your side through it all, i.e. the surgery and recovery. I have no doubt she will stay by you no matter what happens. I know she loves you and that makes me love her even more.
Saturday morning you called me with some exciting news. The night before you asked Lauren to be your wife. Being the typical man you are, I had to get the engagement details from your fiancee. I was so proud, and a little envious, when she told me you took her to a restaraunt in a historic home for dinner. Because she requested a private proposal you waited until the two of you were alone before you asked. Lauren said you were nervous. I think that's cute. I know she's happy and I hope you are too.
You fiancee asked me to be a bridesmaid at your wedding. I am not sure how I feel about that. I would prefer to be your best man, because I feel like I know you better than anyone but I'm sure that would embarrass you so I'll be a bridesmaid.
Lauren says the date is August 4. 2007. Did you know that is the same day I went into the MTC? I told Lauren but I don't think she really understood. Its ok. It just seems that every significant even in my life happens on the 4th or 24th of the month. Your wedding is one of the most important things that will ever happen and I am so excited you chose that date.
I am also glad you are getting married in Berea. I know how much that means to Dad and honestly I can't wait to eat spoon bread at your reception. You know me, I always get excited about the food. Anyway, its exactly the wedding I would choose for myself if I weren't getting married in the temple. That is, if I get married. :)
I love you Joshie. I am so glad we've made it this far. I hope no matter what happens in this life, you will always think of me as your sister and friend. I wish you peace and happiness as you embark on this new phase in your life. Please remember sissy will always be there when you need her.

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