Double Oh My...

This weekend Rae, Kim, Kate and I enjoyed Casino Royal. I have to admit I was a little skeptical about Daniel Craig and a blonde Bond but Craig as Bond was nice. Real nice. Connery had the voice, Brosnan the looks but Craig conveys this raw sexuality that Bond, as I imagine him, would exude.
Primal, is another way to describe him. Either way, I included this photo as evidence I am not crazy and for your drooling, I mean, viewing pleasure.
Although I was thrilled with Craig, I was less than impressd with Green as Vespa Lynn, or whatever her name is. She was not convincing and lacked the sensuality a true Bond girl possess. She was too boney and her "girls" looked granny. Honestly, I can't decide which aspect of her character was more unfortunate; her eye makeup or her saggy cleavage. I imagine every woman in the theatre was thinking the same thing. If not, they will upon seeing it again.
As an aspiring Bond girl, this was very frustrating to witness. Throughout the entire movie I couldn't help but think, "If only they had discovered me first. I would be crying in the shower with Bond, or I could be making love to James on the beach." I sure as hell wouldn't have been a cry baby. Bond girls don't cry...they make others do that. Bond girls are smart, sexy, sassy, mysterious, athletic, skilled in everything (that includes hair, makeup & fashion Ms Lynn), and voluptuous. I digress.
Returning to Bond:
Not only does he have great hair and killer blue eyes, which look unreal during the car chase scene, but he looks amazing in bowties. It may be a little difficult to see in this photo but, trust me, he's wearing one behind that big gun.
My friends are always teasing me about my attraction to men in bowties and glasses. Well, this Bond wears both. See photo below.
I don't want to reveal too many plot details but I will admit this...
Torture has never looked so good and sweatpants are incredibly sexy.

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Sherpa said...

Okay, that picture below rocks. Love your post, and how you referred yourself as an aspiring bond girl. Kudos!

Rae said...

Yum! That is all that movie was...*shiver*

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