Adventures in Ethics

Ok, people. I have an ethical dilemna and I want to hear some points of view outside my own head. Lurkers and friends alike--please weigh in.

Here's the deal. Daisy is a stray hound who came into my life on Saturday. Daisy is the lover o' Duke. (Get it? Daisy Duke?) She's been living with me and is quite a well-behaved little girl. We've had our moments, of course, but overall she's been a nice tempered, laid-back, good girl. Everything I read about her breed (bluetick coonhound) says that she's a smart, problem-solving dog who's prone to escape and roam. In the roaming, Daisy has been "in season" and is likely preggers. How do you tell for sure with a dog? Wait until they show progress. So, there's no real way to tell at this point. When I talked to the vet about what should come next with her he said that spaying is an option. That, of course, would mean that if she were preggers--no puppies would survive.

When I started thinking about that, I started crying. Yes, I know that's pretty silly.

Here's my question: Where do all of you stand on doggie reproductive rights? Would you spay the dog? Tell me, oh internet posse, what would you do?

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Bunny said...

It's hard, but you have to think what will you do with the pups. There is no way you can take care of them. If they go to a shelter they'll probably be euthanized as well, but they'll have a better chance of survival.

Look for local shelters and the humane society, call them and talk. There are people that will take the pups and do everything in their power to give them a good life.

When my sisters dog has the pups it was a LOT of work. I mean, A LOT of work for her. Maybe talk to them about taking Daisy now.

Remember too, not all the pups will make it. My sister lost two of the pups in Lupe's second litter. :'(

Sherpa said...

See if you can't find a people for the pups. Was Duke fixed? If not, the pups might be half britney-half blue tick hound? A lot of people out there would take those puppies in a heart-beat. However, saying that, I totally agree with "Bunny."

Rae said...

Save the Puppies! Lol...

aliring said...

I used to twirl my neighbors' cats around my the tails when she wasn't around. This is my only experience with animals. Believe me, you do not want my advice.

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