Education Week

We're all about education here at AoBG/IB. This week more than most! I have another class to finish this week just as BG is finishing her MASTER of the Universe Degree.

Did you know that it was AGES ago when a little, quiet, sassy girl from Georgia/Cantucke (I was going to spell that with a Southern accent but it was impossible to think that way) stepped off the Metro in a big, floppy hat to greet my mammoth-colored Surburban? I swear the first time any person sits with me in Church is a shock for them. After all, who plays with innuendo and sex jokes during talks? It's all so inappropriate. But educational! Which returns to our theme. And, of course, BG was then hooked.

It feels like we've been friends for a life-time. And it all started with unreturned phone calls. *sigh* That's a great way to start any friendship.

I can't believe how different things are now. I never would have guess that I'd be back in Montana. I couldn't possibly have forseen the coolest Fourth of July EVER in BG's perfect, Dupont Circle pad. And who would have guess all the men we've cycled through? Not me! That's for sure.

Here's the the Dynamic Duo! Long may we Reign!

Just days to go, people! Then, for BG, it's onto a new job, a new apartment and a great big move to Montana!

Well, 2 out of 3.

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Boo said...

You are incredible. Perfect timing. I needed that.
This past month has been a time of serious reflection. I still can't believe I have been here 2.5 years already. Somedays is feels like eternity and others it seems like only yesterday I climbed out of cab to greet my Uncle Jerry.
I still remember how you called me the next morning to ask if I needed a ride to church. Inspired by God much? I was totally prepared to sluff church for a cafe and the Washington Post. Thanks for saving me Stephanie Fair. You're the only one that could.

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