It Takes A Village

A wise man once said, "It takes a village to raise a child." Since I am still a kid(d) and have yet to reach financial and emotional independence, I have several maternal and paternal figures aside from my parents who continue to "rear me in the way that I should go."

Desiree's parents were a huge influence on me in high school and continue to be so. I love them like my own.

Working on a disaster in Indiana Mamma Rita, from Chicago, took me under her wing. To this day, she still sends me postcards every time she travels and packages filled with souvenirs from Hawaii. Since moving to Washington, Steph and subsequently Sarina, have treated me like a sister, a privilege I often don't deserve and by extension their parents Mamma Harbour and Brother Harbour have been there for me more times than I can count.

Monday, for instance, Mamma Harbour said I could come over and wash the "Big V," which by that time resembled a bumble bee as a light dusting of yellow pollen covered the exterior. Although my plan was simply to wash my car, Mamma Harbour pitched right in and helped me clean the interior. See how beautiful Big V can look once its clean?

Then Brother Harbour checked the fluid levels and added windshield washer fluid because I was running low. I couldn't believe it. He also tightened a bolt on my battery that was a little loose.

Although my dad had just waxed my car before driving it up, Brother Harbour started waxing it while Mamma Harbour blackened my bumpers. It had been awhile since I had waxed a car and man, I totally need to do that more often. Great exercise for the biceps.

I can't tell you how much I love having a clean car and I can't thank Mamma and Brother Harbour enough for their kindness. Watch out NOVA here I come!

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