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While conducting research for my final paper on George Hadfield I discovered that Robert E. Lee's eldest son, George Washington Custis Lee, was nicknamed Mr. Boo. GWC Lee had three sisters and two brothers. Mr. Boo attended West Point while Robert E. Lee was acting Superintendent.

Lee was constantly encouraging his eldest son to excel and Mr. Boo graduated top of his class in 1854. During the Civil War he served on Jefferson Davis' executive staff and volunteered to exchange places with his brother as a POW. After his father died, GWC Lee became president of Washington College. He never married and lived his final years in seclusion. His siblings regarded him as a warm, caring brother.
Reading Mr Boo's bio, I can't help but wonder if we will share more than a nickname. Perhaps I am also destined to live out my life in seclusion on the banks of the Ashley River, drinking Martinelli's straight out of the bottle, pretending its something stronger. Stephanie teases, that after her husband dies, she'll move in with me, if only to keep me from shooting someone from my rocking chair, because I will be toked out.
Unfortunately, I don't think Joshie would describe me as warm and caring but that's ok. If GWC Lee is still not married when I get to heaven, I will volunteer. Then we can be Mr. & Mrs. Boo. Besides, who wouldn't want to be related to George Washington or Robert E. Lee? Can you imagine the conversation at that family dinner table?

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Stephanie said...

Don't you think that dinner conversation in that family would be just a little pro-military for you? :) lol.

I'm glad to know you've found a backup soul mate. Now that we have the hereafter covered, let's see if we can't find you a willing "partner" on this side.

I see you THIS WEEK!!

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