Of the eight definitions Merriam-Webster provides for the word "family" only one description really applies to mine. Listed as "2 a" it explains families are a group of persons of common ancestry."
My family doesn't reside under the same roof and we are not united by a common purpose or belief. Each of us is so different in personality, interests, and convictions. Sometimes its difficult to remember that we are just that; a family.
However, something Merriam-Webster fails to mention is that families not only share a common ancestry or a belief system but they share memories; shared experiences common only among individuals in a given family.
As a family we've had our ups and downs. We love playing games together, grilling out, watching movies, only to have dad fall asleep and snore so loud we can barely hear the dialogue, rocking on the porch, talking to all hours of the night. We have our special words and nicknames and we know the right buttons to push to achieve the desired result.
Although there are times I think, "How in the world did I ever end up with my family?" I can't help but marvel at God's wisdom in placing me exactly where he did.
In less than three months Lauren, who is practically family already, will officially become an addition to our "clan." She has brought her own words and nicknames and added them to ours broadening the scope of our vocabulary. She has been a great addition to our game nights, keeping Josh's temper and ego in check and although they have their differences I know Josh and Lauren love each other-and that is exactly what family is all about.
So when I received Lauren's email with an itinerary for the wedding I had to share my excitement and gratitude. All I want is my brother's happiness and I think he's happy with Lauren.
Just in case you're interested I have copied her email below:
Hello Ladies and Bridesman-
Can you believe it...only 73 more days to go until you all pass out because I look so amazing, oh, I mean until I get to marry Josh.
Seriously, I know you all thought the wedding invites were just so wonderful as well as the cute invites to the rehearsal, please don't be jealous and Amber, yours is on the way!
Okay enough sarcasm, I just wanted to keep you all posted on the plans for the weekend as they are being set.
Friday:1:00 pm: Out to Berry Hill Mansion to begin setting up for the wedding
3:00 pm: Check into to Hotel and get ready for rehearsal
4:30 pm: rehearsal begins
6:00 pm: Margarita time! 1 pitcher for each person! (PLEASE let me know ASAP if you are coming and who you are bringing, as the invite said spouses/significant others are certainly invited and Liz, of course Parker, Harrison, and Erin are welcome.
8:00 pm: Lauren, Amanda, Liz, Cynthia, Court,Erin and Kim are hopefully going to be drunk and acting crazy. Nick will probably be smashing beer bottles on a chair in the restaurant and I know Sarah will be sober as will Jenny and Amber, but will still act crazy too!
Saturday: 9:45 am: Leave for Lexington for hair and make-up appointments
10:30am: Lauren, Bebes, Cynthia, and Angela Hair Appointments at Euphoria
11:30am: Angela, Cynthia and Sarah Make-up Appointments at Ulta
12:30 pm: Lauren's make-up appointment at Ulta
2:00 pm: Back at hotel, bridesmaids get ready
4:00 pm: Arrive at Berry Hill Mansion, Lauren gets dressed
4:30 pm: Pictures begin
7:00 pm: Music starts and seating begins
7:30 pm: Ceremony begins
8:00 pm: Reception begins
I am so excited and READY for this to be over. I love you all and am looking forward to seeing you soon.

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