Field Photo 4.12.2010

This afternoon Mandy and I had the pleasure of meeting Tony and Bella while surveying in Ocean Springs. Although Bella has an impressive vocabulary, today her favorite word was beep, as in "beep-beep," which is the noise Tony's motorized chair makes.
Bella was also being a little camera-shy today. It took several attempts to get a descent shot. I like this photo because you can see the adoration in Tony's eyes as he watches his beloved bird. I also like the way Bella is posing for the camera. She kinda has this coy look about her.
Interacting with wonderful people like Tony and their pets, often we interact more with peoples' pets than with them, is often the highlight of my workday. Don't get me wrong. Working with Meg, Hugh and Mandy is always a pleasure but its especially nice when we make a positive connection with the people we are working to serve. Thanks Tony for sharing your beautiful Bella with us.

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Stephanie said...

I keep trying to convince Michael that we need a bird! He says, "An asthmatic cat, an arthritic dog and an exuberant foster is more than enough."


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