I mean, really?

Ah ha! She's alive! She's out of the newly wed cave! And posting! Ok, don't die. Turns out, I have time again. Most things are unpacked and organized and the rest of it can wait. The office is still a bit mad--we have three laptops and two desktops in there alone. Not counting the other computers floating around the house. Ahhh, geek marriage.

Anyway, that's now what I'm here to post about. Have you ever taken a photo that it makes no sense to love and yet, you do? That's how I feel about this one...

That is 7/8's of a duck. With no real amazing angle or anything else. And yet? I love it. I love the purple-blue on the wing, the texture of the feathers and, yes, the missing head.

I can picture the plum sauce more easily that way.

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