Field Photo 4.13.2010

This week we have been surveying on Bowen Avenue in Ocean Springs, which is a lovely neighborhood lined with some of the town's more historic homes. This afternoon Mandy and I surveyed this home which is individually listed in the National Register of Historic Places as "The house at 1112 Bowen Avenue." Unlike many other historic homes listed in the National Register, this home was not named after its former occupants. Mandy and I agreed this was not only disappointing but kind of depressing too.
I am not sure what I would name the home if given the opportunity but I love the octagonal dormer that projects on the half story, the brick pier foundation visible in the rear, the white clapboard siding, the green operational shutters, the two tapered columns on the wraparound porch, the Queen Anne entry door with single-light transom and the decorative brackets beneath the eaves.
Ms. Carver, an elderly lady that lives a few houses down, told us the postman used to occupy this house and he would blow a whistle to warn people he was approaching their house to deliver mail. Knowing this, perhaps an appropriate name for the house would be, "Whistler's Corner" or "The Postman's Perch." I am curious to hear others' thoughts or suggestions. If this was your historic home what would you name it?

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Kate said...

I kind of like the house being identified by number and street. Reminds me of the house George Bailey throws rocks at and later lives in on "It's a Wonderful Life."


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