An Erotic Adventure!

There are thousands of ways to feel loved and I've discovered a new one. We were in the car in Seattle and he says to me, "I saw this place I think you're going to like. More importantly, I think it will give you a great blog."

Awwwwww! Now that's affection!

So began my visit to this fine establishment. Now, be you warned, most reading this post should not click on that link. But for the rest of you, Where Has This Place BEEN all my life? I've been planning bridal showers for ages and I could have used a cake or two!

Overall it was just a fun, clean shop in a cute area of Seattle. The only thing I regret about the visit is that I didn't buy BondGirl a blue, penis water bottle.

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Rae said...

There are cookies with a penis on them. How fabulous! IB, I am sure this is now one of your favorite stores!

Boo said...

Warning: Do not visit this site while eating. I almost choked on my chicken salad salad from Potbelly's. Food and sex what more could a person ask for?

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