Never Met a Pumpkin I Didn't Like...

until now. I HATE organic pumpkin butter. It is disgusting. It doesn't get any better either when you put it on bread with peanut butter, like preserves, its still disgusting.
This is really disappointing and blows my former proclamation ("I love anything pumpkin") out of the water, because now, I don't.
Where this love of pumpkin originates I have no idea BUT I can tell you when it began; while I was a student at BYU. Great Harvest makes this pumpkin chocolate chip bread that's to die for. Anyway, every fall I would buy a loaf and eat one piece of bread with hot chocolate every evening before going to bed. It was my comfort food and is one explanation behind my current killer figure.
THEN I discovered pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. These were equally delicious and easier to buy replacing the Great Harvest bread.
LATER store-bought pumpkin chocolate chip cookies were abandoned for homemade, yes I do bake, Lehi Roller Mills cookie mix. These are my all time favorites. My fingers are itching to place my Fall 2006 order but I'm trying to exercise self-control. Too much of a good thing is not always good.
Pumpkin bread and cookies is just the tip of the iceberg folks. My pumpkin love extends to soups, seeds, pie, cheesecake, etc. For instance, the best pumpkin soup I have ever enjoyed is on the menu at an Italian restaraunt at Federal Triangle. Can't remember the name but its absolutely divine.
I even have a nickname relating to pumpkin. My mother is the only one who is EVER allowed or EVER WILL BE ALLOWED to utter the name. Its pumpkin doo-doo. Yep, MY mother calls me pumpkin doo-doo and that's on a good day. For years I have been trying to imagine what pumpkin doo-doo would look like but I think the answer is a mystery I will never solve. I have theories but I will spare you.
So with the advent of fall and October quickly approaching I thought my recent experience with pumpkin butter would be a good way to usher in the season. If anyone is interested in taking a jar off my hands, it's yours.

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Bunny said...

Oh my gosh! You hated it!! No way, grandma lady said it was supposed to rock!!!

Boo said...

Who's Great Aunt Kimmy?

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