The George & Lucy Theory

As many of my friends know I don't own a television. Although many people are appaled by this, I don't think its a big deal. During past semesters my graduate work and full-time position with Museum Studies left little time for additional activities. Now that my hours have been reduced to ten per week and I am going to school full-time I have more time to exercise. One of the wonderful things about my new apartment is the gym. Every piece of equipment, excluding the free weights, has a built-in tv screen with cable tv. It is fabulous. I can watch vh1, CNN and all the movies I want while exercising.
Two evenings in a row, I was able to catch the middle of Two Weeks Notice with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant. Dying to see the beginning and the conclusion I purchased the dvd while I was in Kentucky and watched it with my dad.
I couldn't help but notice the main characters were named George Wade (Hugh Grant) and Lucy (Sandra Bullock).
The movie was terrific, by the way. I recommend it to all those rom-com lovers out there. I especially enjoyed Lucy's plug for historic preservation.
The fact the hero and heroines names were George and Lucy made me think of another movie I absolutely adore. In A Room With a View, the main characters are George Emerson and Lucy Honeychurch. I have blogged about their story before. A photo from the movie is shown below. Discovering this connection initiated thoughts about other movies I really enjoy. Imagine my surprise when I remembered George Bailey (James Stewart), photo above, is the hero of It's A Wonderful Life while Lucy (Drew Barrymore) is the sweetheart of 50 First Dates.

So why are the names Lucy and George so popular in movies and books? I have always been fascinated by the origin and meaning of names. Lucy is Latin and means light. George, rather dull in comparison, means farmer. I suppose there is a connection between the names though. A farmer can't survive without light.

What's even more bizarre is this: My father rarely calls me by my first name. He has always referred to me as Lucy Locket. When I was fifteen he bought me a horse named Lucy. I just have this weird affinity to the name Lucy.

Although I have never dated a George I did have the hots for a sailboat instructor named George. I thought JFK, jr was a hottie and he had a magazine name George. I attend George Washington University. I love all male characters named George. I think George Clooney and George Stephanopoulos are hotties. I was born in Georgia which was named after King George. I love the cartoon Curious George. The list is endless.

So this is my theory. I just need to find someone named George or nicknamed George and date them. This must be the key to a long and successful relationship that I have searching for. So if anyone knows a George out there feel free to send him my way. I am dying to test my theory.

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Sherpa said...

I was called Sweet petunia, Chester or Mariezo by my parents. However, I totally hear ya about the name George, but rather than marry one, I think I'll name a little boy George. Great name.

erinannie said...

I have to admit, I'm not with you on the George thing. Sorry.


When I was born my parents clearly named me Erin Ann. Shortly thereafter my dad started calling me Lucy for no particular reason. My whole life I have responded to both names equally. I've never even considered Lucy a nickname, it's just my "other" name. After all, my first name has 2 words, what is one more to add to the confusion?

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