"Um Boy"

"Um Boy," is usually my intial reaction to swallowing a big helpin' of humble pie. Man, there's nothing like being reminded of how old you are and I'm NOT even old.
On the evening of Day Two, Daddy and I went to the Gibson Bay driving range. Please keep in mind, although I played golf for the Madison Southern Lady Eagles (my high school) I haven't played a round of golf since then (eleven years). This means I haven't been to the driving range in a decade. That's a long time.
I used to love spending all day by the pool and all evening at the driving range. My mom and I would buy two or three large baskets (about 100 balls a piece) and hit for hours. Needless to say, I became good friends with Shawn, a guy who worked at the driving range. He used to come out and chat with me. Occassionally he would practice his "Happy Gilmore" swing which always made me laugh.
Shawn is no longer there, thank goodness some things change. One thing that had not changed was the range. It still looked the same. The viewshed was exactly as it was ten years ago. It was so chilly in Kentucky I had to wear my dad's windbreaker. Although it was misting I was determined to smack the crap out of some balls if it was the last thing I did. Let me tell you something, ladies, there is nothing quite as satisfying as a good evening at the driving range.
Although it had been ten years since my last visit it didn't take long to get back into "the swing of things." The best part of the evening was impressing my dad. He is the guru of golf. He loves it. He always has. He started caddying at 8 to make extra money for his family. Since then, every weekend I can remember Dad is either watching or playing golf.
He always wanted me to become a golfer. He put me in golf camps when I was a kid and then I played for my high school team. I always love it when he says, "You're just like your momma. She was such a natural. She had the most beautiful swing."
After two hours, a hundred balls, and a putting green later Dad and I decided to throw in the towel for the evening. By bedtime I was popping the extra strength Tylenol, hoping the pain shooting through my back and left forearm would subside. Realizing my body was unaccustomed to exercising those muscles made me realize just how out of shape I am. The eliptical is fantastic but it isn't the be all and end all of working out; obviously.
So if anyone is up for an evening at the range I would love to tag along because, really, who can get enough of humble pie?

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erinannie said...

I love humble pie. And I love taking my aggressions out Happy Gilmore style on unsuspecting little balls. I'd love to visit the range with you sometime.

Boo said...

No way! I am up for it whenever. Saturday afternoon perhaps?

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