No Wonder She's Smiling

Every morning during my 25 minute commute I read the Washington Post Express. This morning I found an article of interest and thought I would share the contents with you.
I have looked at pictures of the Mona Lisa many times. I have even seen her in the Louvre. However, I never noticed the hint of shawl she is wearing around her shoulders. One reason this detail may have escaped me and countless others is I did not realize it had a meaning or was of import.
This morning's article stated the mesh-like white shawl, which you can barely see a trace of, is an indication the woman was expecting a child. Leonardo's model, the Mona Lisa, was pregnant. For fellow Da Vinci Code fans, this makes perfect sense and is very exciting.
Now that I examine the photo more closely, notice how her hands are positioned. They are resting on her stomach. My pregnant girlfriends often place their hands on their tummys in like manner. So exciting!
Another exciting event relating to pregnancy is --I finally felt a baby kick inside its mother's tummy. I am 28 years old and the first time I have ever felt a baby move was Wednesday morning. It was the coolest experience ever and it totally made my otherwise not so great day; that and Project Runway.
Listening to Leslie talk about her labor strategy I felt total awe. Pregnant women are the most courageous people I know. Honestly, I can't imagine ever going through labor. Its not that I don't want to have children. I do. Its just a little scary thinking about a seven, eight, nine, ten, etc., etc., pound, did you read pound (?), baby come out of you. Agh! But, if other women can do it so can I. Thank goodness I can enjoy others children until my time. :)
While I am on the subject of babies I want to congratulate my former mission companion Sister Youngs who is now expecting her second baby. She sent me a copy of the ultrasound, which I will not post here, you can thank me later, which shows they are having a male child. Chris, Alisha's husband, is very excited because the doctor said their son is "like a horse." Yeah.
Then there is Lisa, a former roommate from BYU, who recently discovered her bun in the oven. Congratulations Lisa! You are living proof that Heavenly Father does answer prayers.
So while everyone else is out there having fun making babies I am still a single student who has nothing new to share on the Temple Square Mission website but continues to enjoy hearing that everyone who served before and after her is getting married or having children. Here's to graduate school and the hope that someday this Mona Lisa will have a reason to smile.

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