My next big adventure!

So! As some of you know I'm dating a fantastic guy who is divorced and has two children. Recently I've taken to reading "self-help" books about parenting in blended families. You shouldn't mistake this for an engagement announcement. It's not. But in StephanieLand you prepare for possibilities. Even the slim ones. Mostly the fat ones, though, because those are favored in my land.

I'm off track. Returning to the topic of StepMotherHood. As I started to think about embarking on this journey I had a wonderful picture in my head. I would saunter in on the arm of the man I love. I would pat him on the shoulder, walk to his ex-wife and we would have an amazing, civilized, compassionate discussion about rearing the children together. This encounter would eventually breed harmony in both homes and we would work as a great big, loving team to produce stellar, intelligent WunderKids.

My book says I'm nuts. Oh. And all the rest of the research I'm reading agrees.

Basically it tells me that StepMotherHood is going to be a long, long, long, long process of patience, kindness and calm in the face of horrible brattiness. And if anything else happens, I'm damn lucky.

Honestly? It's not the most encouraging picture of my future I can think of. But! I refuse to be daunted by something as trivial as reality.

Here's what I want to know, our four readers--1) are you the product of a blended family? 2) What was the biggest mistake your StepParent made? 3) What was the best decision your StepParent made?

Anyone? Anyone? I don't really mind who comments on this. I just want to see if people will be willing to share so that I garner s'more tips.

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Rae said...

Lol! You know that I am the product of a blended family. And you and I have already discussed what I think, but there are 2 good things my Step-Parents did. My Step Father let me know repeatedly that he loved me for who I was regardless of the fact that I wasn't his daughter biologically, as a teenager that didn't mean much; as a adult it means a whole lot. My step mother situation is much different then most, but when she finally understood her role she made sure to let me know that she was not there to take over my mothers place, she was there to be my friend. SOrry that is so long.

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