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I love my field! Not only do our professors deliver amazing lectures, some more amazing than others, but they are totally entertaining. I will sincerely miss my class discussions at GW. I am not sure I will ever receive the attention and praise in the professional sphere that I did in the academy.
To honor a desire Professor Tiller expressed in one of our early classes, Eve, made a shrimp tiara, for him to wear during our last class. The photo above was my attempt to capture a close-up of the shrimp. Notice the frog, included for a touch of masculinity.
This was also the last class Erik and I would ever have in our graduate careers. I don't think I could have asked for a better one. It was a balance of debate, lecture and fun. Although Jacqueline snapped a photo of us I decided not to include it. I didn't want to embarrass Erik because I look really bad in the photo.
The crowning moment: Anna is tying the tiara on. Eve made sure the tiara was adjustable for comfort. Professor Tiller is the King of Preservation Policy. Isn't his smile the cutest?
At the end of class he decided to tie it around his chin. We all agreed he looked like a pioneer; making him the King and Pioneer of Preservation Policy.
I am not sure if its really registered; the fact that I am almost completely finished with my graduate studies. My time at GW has felt like the refiner's fire. Every semester was difficult for different reasons. However, looking back I don't think I would change a thing, in regards to my education. I have associated with people I will never forget and life will not be the same without our weekly interactions. They say change is inevitable. I guess that's true. Thankfully I will have lots of wonderful memories to keep me company long after my time at GW is through.

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Jacqueline said...

That was a really fun class. Thanks for posting!

Boo said...

I can't believe it! After all this time the Baby has posted a comment. Yahoo. I feel like I have accomplished something; like moving a mountain. Thanks! I hope this is the first of many comments you make.

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