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Last night a few of the gang got together for games at Stacey's Coffee Shop or Cafe. I am not sure what the official name is. When I first moved to DC in January 2005, Ms. IB had connections to the place. She used to hook us up with the best hot chocolates ever! For those who know Steph, she is notorious for being an excellent cook. I especially miss her omelets.
One of the great things about Stacey's is the live music. Last night a man, originally from Kentucky, played a few covers and some old coal mining songs. It was the perfect performance for someone with my background. I would yell and scream occasionally, I am a strong advocate of audience participation when deserved, and I think it made his night. Others may disagree though.

As Kate pointed out, one of the employees had a strange resemblance to Mike Myers from the So I Married an Axe Murderer days. I didn't catch his name but one thing's clear; the kid loves Fluxx. When he saw the box on our table he picked it up and said, "he knew we were cool because we played Fluxx." Duh.

This is a photo Rae snapped of me, per my request, after I won the only real round of Fluxx we played. Although I don't care for the game, I won by accident only, it was nice to win one round of something. We began with a few rounds of UNO and I totally sucked. Everyone wins at UNO. Everyone but me. So Fluxx, needless to say, saved my self-esteem. Here is a photo of the reigning Scrabble champ. I like this photo because, with his eyebrows raised, Perry looks like a Scrabble champ. It also shows off his blue eyes, which I never noticed until I took this photo. Perhaps, instead of calling Perry, "Per Per" we should call him "Mr. Blue Eyes."
After closing Stacey's down, we headed back to my place for another round of Scrabble. Rae and Nicole shot pool while they waited for Perry to finish his turn. Instead of shooting pool I watched 8 Men Out which is an incredible movie about Shoeless Joe and the Chicago White Sox, who I think were the Black Sox at the time. Not really sure about that though. Anyway, it is stacked with an all-star cast and the eye candy is not bad either. I love men in uniform! If anyone is interested in watching it, I would totally be game for joining you.

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