Something That Made Me Smile

After requesting an update on my love life and then giving a list of suggestions on how to improve it, my boss, whom I absolutely adore, relayed a really nice compliment.
Many of you know that since I transferred to the Human Sciences PhD Program I am only working ten hours each week. My schedule is pretty flexible; I pretty much come and go as I please. This often results in a slight disconnect between my boss and I. So, when I saw her on campus yesterday I had to stop and give her an update on my progress regarding assigned tasks.
The only problem in stopping was it forced me to interrupt a conversation she was engaged in with another faculty member. Apologizing repeatedly for interrupting I quickly proceeded to give Gail a quick update. She laughed and agreed we would talk about it more the following day; today. I waved goodbye without even introducing myself to the other faculty member.
Well, Gail told me today that as I was walking down the street this faculty member said something similar to, "Wow. She has some of the prettiest hair I have ever seen."
My initial reaction, of course, was, "Really?" To which Gail laughed and said, "Yes. They thought you had beautiful hair and you do." I love Gail. Not only is she a genius, she is the director of a PhD Program, mother of six, wife of an architect named Sam, (I love that name) and is on several committees. She is the coolest supervisor ever and that compliment came at the perfect moment. I may not be the brightest bulb out there, nor the most shapely, or glamorous but thanks to Manuel and my Momma's genes I can't complain about my hair.

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Rae said...

There are many fabulous things about you....but I gotta admit: you do have great hair! And you have mastered the art of the hair toss. Or is it the hair flip? Obviously I have not mastered it lol! ;)

Boo said...

Thanks Rae Rae. I love you too. As my love life testifies it takes more than great hair and mastering the art of "hair tossing" to land a man.
Gail seems to think working on the Mitt Romney campaign is the best solution to my problem. She is confident a Mormon male who leans left will volunteer, like me, so he can meet other people. Wouldn't that be the best story; two politically left Mormons falling in love while working a Mitt Romney campaign? I love irony.

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