Perry's Un-Birthday Party

I am not sure how it happened, but it did. We missed Perry's 39th birthday; February 26th. So, Rae rallied the troops and we celebrated over dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery. The nachos were pretty good, could have used more beans, and my cobb salad wasn't bad either. I snapped this photo of the birthday boy. Notice his eyebrows are raised even when he is doing something simple, i.e. sipping water through a straw.
This is Kim, one of the most photogenic people I know. Rae and I love to play around with our cameras when we're out. Kim and Rae both make faces for the camera, something I can't do with any measure of grace. We all agreed that this photo of Kim was super cute.
Photographic evidence to show I was present at dinner. You can barely see Kate's jean jacket and her right arm on the left side of the photo. To respect Kate's wishes we are not taking her photo unless she OKs it. I totally understand. I just wish my friends would erase photos when I asked them to. Love you Steph and Rae.
One more photo of the birthday boy with Rae Rae. While discussing upcoming birthdays we determined Rae's is the next party we will have to plan; June 4th, followed by mine on July 1st; Kim's September 10th, and Kate's in October. Steph will be "21" in November (13th) so we will be doing something extra special for her. So many things to look forward to in 2007. Even if the year is not lucky we will make sure its exciting.

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