In January I posted a blog discussing my upcoming crash course in watching an infant, Isla was only 2 or 3 months when I started spending my Monday and Wednesday afternoons with her. I had two motives when I volunteered to watch Isla this semester; 1) to help a dear friend and a new mother out and 2) to become more knowledgeable/experienced with infants, just in case I am ever blessed to have one of my own. Of course, that would mean marriage, and who knows if that is ever going to happen?
Today I watched Isla for the last time this semester. I have to admit I do feel more comfortable around infants. I am not sure I could be a full-time mother but I am definitely more prepared than I was in January. I still marvel that Leslie actually agreed to let me watch her baby. Someone so inexperienced. Although I am not certain where life will lead me post-graduation I certainly hope to see more of Ms. Isla in the future. I feel like we have a bond, I'm sure that's just me, and I am sincerely going to miss our walks.
I normally walk Isla in a park located across from the Museum Studies Program, however, since the weather has turned warmer, I started taking her down to Lafayette Park. Here I bore her with interesting facts about the history of the park. This never fails to work its desired effect; making her fall asleep.
Our first stop, naturally is always the White House, where we say, "Hello," to the President.
Then we make our way slowly to the statue of Jackson, where I remind her that President Jackson was an Indian fighter and an egotistical bastard. He drove the Cherokee from their lands, overturning the Supreme Court's ruling in Worcester v. Georgia, and encouraged Congress to allot over six thousand dollars for the design and construction of White House stables. These stables were designed by Robert Mills, whose work I actually adore.
It is very important we teach our children correct history and that is one of my favorite things about watching Isla; our history lessons.
Like I said, these lessons always put her to sleep. I snapped this photo today while we were walking through the park. For you ladies who think men are not attracted to women with babies, oh, think again. I've had a few men speak to me, who would have never noticed me otherwise. Of course, its really Princess Isla they want to see, cause she is so dang cute.
After our walk we usually come in for some yummy breast milk. Jacqueline snapped this photo while Isla was on my lap. Doesn't she look cute in her little dress? Auntie Amber got that for her.
Although there were some tears, they dried almost immediately when Momma returned from class. Its amazing how much children love their mothers. I love watching the interaction between Leslie and her baby. Plus, she is such a good mother. I don't know how she manages juggling graduate school, being a wife, and then a mother, but she does it beautifully. I only hope I can be half the mother she is one day. Thank you my friend for sharing your daughter with me this semester. Its been an adventure I will never forget.

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Stephanie said...

We go from LoLo right back to my BooBoo. :)

I'm glad you've had this time w/ Isla. She's so BIG now.

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