Marine, Sailors and LoLo...Oh My!

When they announced there was going to be a dance at the Naval Academy a few weeks ago in Ward Council meeting, I couldn't stifle a squeal, which drew the attention of the Stake Presidency, the Bishopric and every other person in the room. I didn't care. Have you ever seen the movie Annapolis? You'd have to be asexual or something if you didn't get a little turned on by thoughts of dancing with men from THE NAVAL ACADEMY... IN UNIFORM! I have always had a soft spot for men in uniform, to put it mildly, and last night I couldn't resist taking advantage of getting my photo taken with a few.
My first victim was a mid-shipman named Kelly. He was polite but stiff. I can't handle that. So, after a few minutes with him, I decided to join Rae Rae on the dance floor. Scott was kind enough to drive us up and he looked so good, ladies, in his tux. To top it off, he wore glasses, and you know how I feel about a man in a bow tie and glasses.
During a breather, Rae spotted a cute Marine at one of the tables, standing all alone. Naturally, I had to get a photo with a Marine. Duh, they have the best uniforms in the military. This is Craig. He is mechanic who works on the President's helicopters, which I find really hot. He is from Southern California and will be in Annapolis for the next four years. After that he plans to work for Lockheed Martin, which is where my Grandpa Elliott worked, or NASA, which is where my Uncle Jerry's father worked. Either way, I can totally relate.
In addition to being a gentleman he asked me for my email address. He promised to give me a tour of Annapolis. No worries, ladies, I don't expect him to follow through for a minute but it was still sweet that he offered. Just don't ask me how old he is.
Ditching Craig, but only momentarily, Rae and I returned to the dance floor to find Anne and Tara. Mike came over to join us and we couldn't resist snapping a photo with him. Its not everyday that Mike decides to bless us with his presence. Everyone looked so good last night as this photo demonstrates. Just wish Steph could have been there too.
The first time I met Mike was on a bus ride to Ohio. Thinking he was way younger than myself, I wasn't very kind to him at first. Then I made him read scriptures to me, which he has since forgotten. Just as well. So, to make up for being unkind to him in the past I surprised him with a kiss. Actually this was the second, and Tara captured it much to my delight, with her camera. Thanks Mike for being such a good sport and for dancing with me.
After hours on the dance floor, I joined the ladies for some R&R. Deciding I needed to take some more photos, I snapped this one of Anne and Tara which is totally hot. I love Anne's hair and Tara looks fabulous in every photo she's in. Wish I could say the same.
I couldn't take one of Tara and Anne and not get one of Rae and Cherie. Cherie is one of the coolest ladies ever and it was so fun getting to hang out with her last night, something that doesn't happen often enough. I am excited to announce she will be joining us at Captain Pell's on the 18th. Doesn't Rae look stunning in her new top and haircut? As for Cherie, her hair always looks great.
As we were leaving, Rae requested I get a photo of the doors from the outside. It was so hot on the dance floor we were steaming up the doors. Whoever said Mormons don't know how to have a good time has never kicked it with Mormons. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect evening. The DJs were great (playing Beyonce, not once, but twice), and I danced and danced and danced. This morning I feel like singing, in unison with Eliza Doolittle, "I could've danced all night."

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Rae said...

We had joy, we had fun, we had....a ball1 Thanks for talking me into going.

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