Sandra D and the Half Ghost

Although it's a little fuzzy, this is my favorite photo Mel snapped of friend and I at Slade's Halloween party. Although many asked if "friend" was dressed as the man in Rendition he was actually a half-ghost, a feat not many people can accomplish but something he did very well. I was really impressed and the gingham...well, I believe it superior to a plain white pillowcase.
I was dressed as Sandra D. from Grease. I borrowed the idea from Jacqueline who went as Sandy two years ago. I even ordered pom poms from a cheerleading supply store and have been practicing cheers I did in high school since receiving them in the mail. Although we didn't stay at Slade's party long, I enjoyed seeing all the costumes and hanging out with "friend." With the Trick or Treat Meet & Greet scheduled for work Wednesday and the Decatur House Ghosts & Spirits party that evening, I believe this could be the best Halloween ever!

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