Possible definitions: 1. a phrase used to describe the clothing style of, Lawrence, better known as Chunk, a principle character in the movie, The Goonies.
2. an adjective Josh, my younger brother, commonly used to describe me, his elder sister until the tables turned. Does his sister tease and torment him about his softer physique? No.
Although I haven't used the phrase for awhile, it has recently creeped back into my daily conversation, dragging with it, "holy cow" and "folks." I never referred to people as "folks" before but for some reason I have been saying folks a lot, when describing a group of people.
Holy cow, for those who know me, has been around a little longer, perhaps too long and I just can't seem to shake it no matter how hard I try. I think holy cow is attractive because it's convenient and it's not a phrase people use much today. It belongs more to the '90's.
Chunk-style reappeared last week while I was in the elevator at work. I was complaining to Mia that I felt like I was gaining weight. This, I believe was a false alarm. My pants, now that I have finished surfing the crimson wave, fit fine; just like they used to. Last Friday I even purchased a new pair of jeans a size smaller than I normally buy. This made me very happy. I think I have shared the news with everyone and for those I wasn't able to reach; well, now ya know.
Chunk-style is the perfect union of two words; a union that can produce impressive results. Mia, for instance, giggled when she heard it. Others, have done the same. It has brought brief moments of joy and enlightenment to many and although his teasing had a negative impact on my self-esteem as a child, in retrospect, my brother could have and did call me much worse. I love you Shaggy.
I am not sure how new words are added to Webster's dictionary but if I were Webster I would definitely include the phrase Chunk-style in my 2009 edition. I guarantee within six months of publication it would be the hottest phrase to hit American dialogue in decades.

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