My Saturday in Photos

Three Saturdays a month you may find me at the Decatur House. Last Saturday I decided to document the day through photos. The first photo is of Cindy and the fabulous golden pumpkin we discovered in the closet. I couldn't resist. Cindy and I were in the same program at GW. She will graduate May of 2008. Almost there!
Per Cindy's suggestion I snapped this photo of the kitchen window (exterior). Although it's difficult to see, the leaf is suspended in a spider web, which gave the home an even spookier feel.

The first amendment is a beautiful thing and something I witness every Saturday as protesters congregate to share their messages in front of the White House. This citizen obviously has a strong affinity for Dick.

A sign fall has arrived in Washington. I love this tree. I always save a leaf each fall to keep. This year I chose a leaf that had fallen from this tree. My luck a dog pissed on it before I picked it up but I'm trying not to think about that.

Every Saturday I enjoy watching a game of street hockey during my breaks. Last Saturday I captured a shot of this player waiting for his teammate to pass the puck. Although I tried to get a profile shot I had to settle for this. Not bad. I'm sure he's married though.

A wedding reception has been scheduled every Saturday I have worked at the Decatur House. Last Saturday there was a wedding and reception. The bride was lovely, her dress was gorgeous and even the brides maids' dresses were tasteful. This is a photo of the simple decorations the florists used to accent the home's entrance where guests arrived around 5pm. Lovely, no?

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Rae said...

What cool Pics Boo!

Sherpa said...

I love the District on Saturdays. especially now that the tourists are gone more or less.

Cindy said...

That photo of me with the pumpkin is great! I noticed none of the ones of you made it up on the page... I had a fun Saturday with you, and I'm sure we'll do it again soon!

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